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Amplified Impact is about helping you see that there is a path for you, specifically crafted with you in mind from the very beginning. Purpose is fulfilled in a multitude of ways with the very expressions of our gifts working in every aspect of our lives. From our personal lives, through our marriage, our kids, at the places we work, the communities we are a part of and the people we effect in our passing. We are here to remind you that you too were created to have an amplified impact on this world for such a time as this.

This workbook is crafted to assist you in deepening your connection with God by harnessing the power of prayer. View it as your Initial Prayer Strategy (IPS), aimed at dismantling any barriers that stand between you and God. Through this approach, you'll find yourself feeling more intimately connected to God than ever.

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As we journey together, our aim is to assist in deepening your walk with Christ. It's our prayer that your identity in Him grows stronger, empowering you to positively impact the lives of others as well.

  • Empowerment through Faith

    Amplified Impact is grounded in the belief that empowerment is derived from a deep connection with one's faith. It encourages individuals to draw strength, guidance, and inspiration from their spiritual beliefs to fuel personal growth and impact the lives of others positively.

  • Resilience through Adversity

    Amplified Impact acknowledges that challenges and dark seasons are integral parts of life's journey. It promotes resilience by emphasizing that these difficult moments, though daunting, are opportunities for growth, spiritual maturation, and redirection towards a stronger path.

  • Purposeful Living

    Amplified Impact is committed to helping individuals recognize and embrace their unique purpose. It encourages living intentionally, emphasizing that each person's life has a specific, meaningful mission crafted from the beginning. The platform aims to guide individuals in understanding and fulfilling their purpose in various facets of life, creating an amplified impact.

We are all on assignment…and yet our assignment is unique to how God created each and every one of us.

When I started Amplified Impact it was birthed out of a place in me that God was calling me to. Not the platform or stage but a place in Him that He was calling me to. A place of trust, safety, peace and intimate relationship. Not only was He calling me there but I knew that He was calling other women there also and it was clear when He showed me that I would be an impactful part of His desire to guide other women into an intimate place with Him that they longed for.

My hope, prayer and desire is that as we walk together and He continues to provide me tools, wisdom and the resources to assist you in deepening your walk with Christ that your identity in Him will be strengthened beyond measure and you will turn to another sister and have an AMPLIFIED IMPACT in her life also.

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