Hey, I'm Tiesha.

Have you ever said, “God, I’m ready for more.”?

Well, I have! I was in a season, or should I say cycle where I found myself having the same experiences over and over again. I knew there had to be more. I was tired of walking in fear, disappointment, self-sabotage. I desired to walk in a life full of God’s love and abundance. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t alone. I was led to create a space called “Amplified Impact” Where I could share the Word of God with women who share similar challenges.

Amplified Impact is about understanding, accepting and appreciating ourselves as the vessel God uniquely hand crafted and then filled with treasure. Once we understand that as our truth we posses the power to AMPLIFY the IMPACT of the light thatshines from within us. There is no power on earth or in hell that is greater than the God that lives within us. I accept my call as a minister of the gospel and will be His chosen vessel and mouthpiece as long as there is breath in my body.



I know and I’m confident that God has called me to come and walk alongside of you as a guide as you navigate the path laid out before you. Not because I’ve got it all together, not because I always get it right but because I said yes!!!! I said yes to being used by Him….I said yes to being a light on top of a hill…I said yes to letting Him shine bright through me. I said yes to His way and not my own.

Amplified Impact is about helping you see that there is a path for you

This workbook is crafted to assist you in deepening your connection with God by harnessing the power of prayer. View it as your Initial Prayer Strategy (IPS), aimed at dismantling any barriers that stand between you and God. Through this approach, you'll find yourself feeling more intimately connected to God than ever.

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